This project is not maintained anymore. It may (or may not) be working.


This plug-in allows one to listen to one’s favorite web radios inside one’s favorite IDE, that is Eclipse, of course!

This plug-in is in fact made of several plug-ins:

  • A core plug-in (org.jnegre.player), independant of the underlying stream players
  • Audio plug-ins that encapsulate the stream players such as Real Media

As of today, there are audio plug-ins for Windows Media Player 6.4 and Real Media for windows.

You can have as many audio plug-ins as you want, but at least one is required.

Note that WMP 6.4 or RM must be installed on your computer in order for their corresponding audio plug-in to work.

Screen Shots

the main view
The buttons added by the plug-in
the main view
Select your stream…
the main view
Enter your favorite streams


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